CPC is staffed by a team of highly trained, supervised, and experienced mental health professionals.

A Doctoral or Master’s level Behavioral Specialist Consultant(BSC)

develops an appropriate behavior intervention plan and consults with family, school and other service agencies regarding implementation of the behavior plan.

A Master’s level Mobile Therapist(MT) and Outpatient Therapist

provide individual and family therapy and assess the child and family’s needs, concerns, and response to treatment.

A Bachelor’s level Therapeutic Staff Support(TSS)

implements the behavior intervention plan and models and teaches appropriate problem-solving and social skills to the child and family.


Robert A. Lowenstein, M.D.
Phone: 412-241-5437

John Carosso, Psy.D.
Phone: 724-787-0497

Samantha Droznek, Monroeville Office
Phone: 412-372-8000
Fax: 412-372-4117

Teresa Bateman, Greensburg office
Phone: 724-850-7200
Fax: 724-850-7214

Teresa Bateman, Monessen Office
Phone: 724-314-3187
Fax: 724-314-3765

Sherri Bender-Laughlin, East Liberty Pittsburgh office
Phone: 412-241-5437
Fax: 412-241-5439